Having Sex Without Messing the Chances of a Relation

Here’s a story that is true to life. It is about how people mess up their relationships by going online using a website that has no privacy, and what is the solution to this kind of dilemma.

There were these two women were talking loudly during a bus ride. What they were speaking about is how a social media site, which is Facebook, affects their love life.  These two ladies were both married. 


A status update

One said that she made a status update and got comments from her ex-boyfriend. Her husband got angry and wanted her to block her former lover. She argued her point with her husband, insisting that it was harmless. She was not able to convince him, so she had to comply with his wish and block her ex.

A chat

The other woman was fuming mad as she spoke about how her husband had a “harmless” chat with a single, sexy young lady. This lady was his office mate. This wife went to the extent of chatting with the young lady, making it clear that she does not believe that their conversation is harmless. She even threatened to report the lady to the company to get her fired if she does not stop chatting with her husband. The lady said yes, and she would no longer chat with that man.

Social media sites

Social media sites like Facebook allow you to chat with someone. Your profile can get found by your former lovers, and you can find new ones. However, Facebook was not designed for sex dating. You must be aware of the dangers at that site when it comes to privacy. Here is a word of advice everyone should know about sex dating possibilities.

No privacy

When you have a Facebook account, you automatically have no privacy. Those that belong to government agencies and work for Internet security can assess all your data and look at your chat messages.


Your Facebook profile does get stalked by other people who might fly into a jealous rage because of comments and chats. Every single friend of yours can be investigated by someone who is guarding you in such a way that you can hardly move. Apps for adult dating give you a way out, an escape, for sex on the side.

Avoid trouble

If you watch the news, you will note that many who have a criminal case are in a worse situation because of their Messenger chats. Whatever you do on Facebook is recorded, and that can get you in trouble. The two women had issues because of seemingly harmless Facebook comments and chats.

A safe place online

Avoid using social media sites to get a hookup. Those sites are swarming with people who try to read between the lines. Why go through all that trouble when you have a safe place online to find casual sex? Stick to safe adult dating apps that’ll get you results, fast. You have to be out there to take advantage of the Internet dating game. Put social media sites aside and go for the privacy that apps for adult dating provide. Download a sex dating app to find that safe place online for you to get a hookup.